Sen. John Kissel (R – 7th) at the State Capitol

The 7th District needs a leader in Hartford who knows how to get the job done and isn’t afraid to stand up to the status quo. I have the experience, energy and enthusiasm to get CT back on track. I will continue to fight for hard working, middle-class families.    

In the last few years I have fought for many new laws to help people across our state including:   

  • A law which helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by creating parity between sexual assault in the case of spousal or co-habitating relationships and other crimes of sexual assault   
  • A bill giving domestic violence victims new protections when they call law enforcement for help reducing the chance of the victim being arrested while police determine who was at fault   
  • Legislation that allows pregnant women to purchase full pregnancy coverage even after they learn they are pregnant   
  • Expanding access to healthcare by promoting screening for cancers that impact women   
  • Allows children to apply over-the-counter sunscreen if their parent gives written permission to the school nurse   
  • Supporting and passing legislation that seeks to increase access to treatment for mental health issues and substance abuse   
  • Aims to combat opioid abuse by increasing the penalties for the sale of Fentanyl and establishing new requirements when prescribing an opioid for an extended period of time    
  • Expanding training for Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis and treatment   
  • Expanding health insurance coverage for hearing aids    
  • Establishes a Community Ombudsman program to investigate complaints concerning care received by recipients of home and community-based services to help seniors aging in place   
  • Give nursing home residents and their families a voice during receivership proceedings like those associated with the closure of the Blair Manor nursing home facility in Enfield   
  • Repeal the income tax on social security   
  • Keeps our families safe on the road by expanding the use of ignition interlock devices preventing drunk driving   

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